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All sessions, classes and programs offered in association with The Attraction Studio are mind/body integration oriented.  The focus of all program offerings is on helping men cultivate an attractive lifestyle.  Education, embodiment practices and opportunities for real life demonstration of mastery in the charismatic arts of living well will be offered in a customized plan designed specifically for each man's unique journey to wholeness.

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What does EVERY man need to know to be successful with women and thus in all his important relationships?

1. The basics of self management and female emotional life management. 2. Understand the process of bonding as a woman projects it and the impact of how a man responds to it. 3. Deep ownership of core values to set a higher and higher intention in a man's lifetime. 4. Integration of the Mind and Body to be a fully present man and fully activated lover. 


Men develop their masculinity through rites of passage and taking on challenges.

THE most challenging way to develop yourself as a man, for success in every other area of your life, is through the mastery of managing a successful rapport with women. Women were put on this Earth to press into men, challenge them, encourage them to be the very best version of themselves possible. Without the proper insights and skills this natural arrangement between men and women deteriorates into an impossibly stuck battle of the sexes which serves no one.

Our culture sets us up for failure in many ways. The Attraction Studio offers education and support to counteract this and empower men to take up leadership through this transition time in history. Men that will lead their women,families and communities to what is next in our human evolution. We envision a well balanced culture that is united in sexy, vibrant energy between men and women. 

Strategically leveraging this natural dynamic between men and woman to evolve yourself as a man starts with developing authority over your personal boundaries/power. This begins and ends with your physical being, which is the command center for your emotional life. Integration of the body/emotions with the intellect is the big ticket to attracting the life you have always desired. 

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 Local clients start with...

3 Hr Introduction/Assessment Session with Michelle $300

Half the time will be spent in conversation, gathering information about you and educating the mind. The second half of the session offers hands on practices that facilitate an embodiment of what you learned.

So, the first private session consists of:

Compassionate Conversation +  Core Presence Embodiment Therapy

First 90 min - a comprehensive intake of your personal history and current situation - assessment of your unique strengths that we can build upon - identification of the habits and practices you would do well to eliminate - a brief overview of the basic concepts of what we teach and how we teach it - a set of practices to do between sessions to get instant results

Second 90 min - bodywork designed to quite to mind and maximize awareness of the body - touch & energy therapy designed to eliminate unattractive fight or flight reactions - polarity work designed to encourage openness to receiving and extinguish tension patterns - creation of a custom plan for maximum personal success and assignment of homework

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Out of town clients... start with the home study program "How to Handle Today's Woman" audio workshop and can follow up with Skype sessions.


Mind/Body Sessions with Michelle $150 - 60 min $200 - 2 hrs

Skype/Phone Consultations $150 - 90 min Intro  $150 - an hr after Intro

OR choose a Program of Study listed below




Mind/Body Care Package $1380

12 hours with Michelle for Touch & Talk sessions including self directed home study

Home study materials included: Download of “How to Handle Today’s Woman” home study course Copy of the book No More Mr. Nice Guy, Assessment Test and study guides or Copy of Way of the Superior Man with Live Lecture Audio by David Deida Practices and an Audio for learning to be present.

This program takes 3-6 weeks to complete.


 Intensive Programs of Study with Personalized Coaching

The Way of Men Program $2400

30+ hours  for men that are ready for a massive upgrade in life. This program takes you from where you are to well on your way to where you are going next. This is for men that desire a redefined purpose and seek clarity around their motivations as men and as lovers. This is highly customized and can take as long or go as swiftly as each client shows progress. 

This program takes 6-10 weeks to complete.


Authentic Intimacy Program $4500

50+ hours in office, class passes, home study, email/FB chat and weekly phone check ins for men seeking a deeper and fuller expression of self, in life and as a lover. This program takes men beyond just the starting point to their next purpose and well into the thick of it with a inspired, knowledgeable women and all her resources by his side.

This program is an deep intensive with time to process and practice written into the experience.

It is a total immersion make over of mind, body, soul. You WILL see the Matrix by the end of this program!

This is highly customized and can take as long or go as swiftly as each client shows progress.


Emergency First Aid & Repair Program One month non stop help with a specific problem that requires daily or even hourly text communication, emails, phone conversations and meetings.  $4000

* get your ex back * relationship road block * negotiation of uncoupling process * navigation out of a bad break up/affair * handling your baby mama and custody changes


Intensive Fast Track Program $12,000

Customized program and non stop coaching for 6 weeks. You basically become my only client and primary concern in life. Doing this work with me becomes the center of your world for 2 months. 



*** Past clients have used their time with us to address these specific goals and more... - to get their ex back or get over a bad break up - to overcome arousal/porn addition - to enhance a lifestyle of self improvement - to maximize social confidence & reduce anxiety - to understand and over come sexual dysfunction - to get back into dating after divorce


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