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Freedom is the Key to Successful Commitment

Divorced and Dating, Married Men, Self Discovery // June 29, 2014


Freedom is the Key to Successful (joy filled) Commitment There are significant triggers vital to our self discovery process that can only come up while invested deeply in a relationship that matters. Most people expect bliss once they find “The One” thus setting themselves and the relationship up for failure. The relationship becomes adversarial instead […]

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Living Your Life ON Purpose

Married Men, Self Discovery, Single Life // June 24, 2014


On a first meeting with a man that is interested in dating me I answer this question in a cheeky way and say, “yoga” or “about what?” or something like that. I do this just to test a man’s reaction since I know he was asking about what I do for a living.  Rarely will […]

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The short lists: How to Not become a Basic Bitch or the Dude that Attracts them

Self Discovery, Women & Couples // June 17, 2014


At the request of one of the guys in my private online men’s support group I posted the list for women that would like or need coaching to follow on my Facebook page.  I then received a request I write a short list for men as well so here is the Guy AND the Gal lists for […]

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Personalized success coaching for men

The Attraction Studio's home office is now hosted at "The Space" artist sanctuary.
Helping Men Live Attractive Lives:
  • •   Married men - have more intimacy and sex in your marriage
  • •   Divorced guys - don't make the same mistake again
  • •   Single dudes - decode women and have success in dating
  • •   Stop the cycle of distracting porn/arousal addiction
  • •   Become empowered to have better sex, intimacy and commanding presence with women

The Space is located at:
1643 E. Huber St.
Mesa, AZ 85203



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