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Prostitution Provider Forums and the Sad Life of a “Hobbyist”

Beyond PUA, Self Discovery, Sex and Intimacy // April 20, 2014


Did you know there are forums where men spend their valuable time writing to other men barging to each other about their sexual lives with prostitutes? Makes me think they don’t value their time very much. Can you imagine your life coming to this much of a sad bottom of the barrel way of “living”? […]

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Knowing YOUR own Bottom-line is True Male Power

Uncategorized // March 25, 2014


The article below speaks to the concepts we covered in the Men’s Fearlessness Mediation on Sat as part of the on-going class series Renaissance Man Training. We talked about the brave act of standing right there in the face of fear or your woman’s emotions on fire, feeling like a sucker for standing there […]

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Recipe for Relationship Suffering – You will need these 6 Ingredients

Divorced and Dating, Married Men, Self Discovery, Sex and Intimacy // March 14, 2014


You will need to keep buying into at least these 6 limiting beliefs if you want to create relationship suffering that keeps up with your neighbors level of disconnect and dissatisfaction. #1 Relationships should be based on falling in-love. What’s courage and confidence got to do with it? You will have more suffering than peace in your relationship if you buy into the idea of being IN love instead […]

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Personalized success coaching for men

The Attraction Studio's home office is now hosted at "The Space" artist sanctuary.
Helping Men Live Attractive Lives:
  • •   Married men - have more intimacy and sex in your marriage
  • •   Divorced guys - don't make the same mistake again
  • •   Single dudes - decode women and have success in dating
  • •   Stop the cycle of distracting porn/arousal addiction
  • •   Become empowered to have better sex, intimacy and commanding presence with women

The Space is located at:
1643 E. Huber St.
Mesa, AZ 85203



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