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Knowing YOUR own Bottom-line is True Male Power

Uncategorized // March 25, 2014


The article below speaks to the concepts we covered in the Men’s Fearlessness Mediation on Sat as part of the on-going class series Renaissance Man Training. We talked about the brave act of standing right there in the face of fear or your woman’s emotions on fire, feeling like a sucker for standing there […]

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Recipe for Relationship Suffering – You will need these 6 Ingredients

Divorced and Dating, Married Men, Self Discovery, Sex and Intimacy // March 14, 2014


You will need keep buying into at least these 6 limiting beliefs if you want to create relationship suffering that keeps up with your neighbors level of disconnect and dissatisfaction. #1 Relationships should be based on falling in-love. What’s courage and confidence got to do with it? You will have more suffering than peace in your relationship if you buy into the idea of being IN […]

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Personalized success coaching for men

The Attraction Studio's home office is now hosted at "The Space" artist sanctuary.
Helping Men Live Attractive Lives:
  • •   Married men - have more intimacy and sex in your marriage
  • •   Divorced guys - don't make the same mistake again
  • •   Single dudes - decode women and have success in dating
  • •   Stop the cycle of distracting porn/arousal addiction
  • •   Become empowered to have better sex, intimacy and commanding presence with women

The Space is located at:
1643 E. Huber St.
Mesa, AZ 85203



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